Our Clients

With the added value of specialization by industry, FIN-Ex is able to architect customized corporate telecom solutions that address the unique requirements of each organization.
Experienced Professionals
FIN-Ex’s teams of highly qualified telecommunications product and project engineers specialize in designing customized platforms for clients in various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, retail, and government.
FIN-Ex partners with our clients to design and implement effective telecommunications solutions that meet today’s complex business needs. Our experience providing services to clients across industries allows us to anticipate customers’ future requirements and build a scalable telecom infrastructure. FIN-Ex’s telecom client engagement team is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the organization, from CFO to Telecom Manager. We continuously benchmark our performance against internal and industry standards and make appropriate adjustments.
Financial Services
FIN-Ex’s Financial Services Industry arm specializes in designing and implementing telecommunications solutions for the banking, securities, investment management, and insurance sectors. Our advanced reporting capabilities allow clients to adhere to rigorous compliance standards while simultaneously gaining transparency into telecommunications spending at each level of the organization. FIN-Ex offers a range of telecommunications solutions to meet the unique business needs of financial services firms.
FIN-Ex’s government telecommunications division specializes in providing telecommunications services to local, state and federal government agencies. We are committed to helping the government implement cost-effective and operationally efficient telecom solutions. FIN-Ex provides unparalleled availability and service reliability with a comprehensive suite of core and cutting-edge voice and data products.
Specializes in providing telecommunications solutions tailored to the needs of hospitals, long term care facilities, medical offices and other healthcare sectors. Our experienced team of project managers specializes in designing customized solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. FIN-Ex offers a complete suite of healthcare IT solutions to meet the technical and functional requirements of healthcare organizations.
Professional Services
Specialists bring a wealth of experience working with clients in the accounting, legal, real estate, consulting, staffing and other business service-related fields. FIN-Ex delivers a complete suite of integrated telecommunications solutions designed to streamline operations and reduce telecom costs. Our platforms ensure interoperability with clients’ internal systems and allow for maximum flexibility.
Focuses on voice and data needs of multi location retail operations. We understand the specific set of challenges faced by the retail industry in managing telecommunications services across regions and carriers. FIN-Ex successfully implements diverse telecom solutions for the nation’s leading retailers. Our depth and scope of experience in the retail sector allows us to design the most appropriate telecom platforms for our clients.