FIN-Ex is a full service telecom company providing a complete portfolio of voice and data solutions as well as telecom consulting services to businesses across the United States.

From coast to coast, from traditional to advanced telecom services, FIN-Ex is able to offer our clients a complete product portfolio with an unmatched convenience of standardized processes and a dedicated, single point of contact across the United States. FIN-Ex understands the dynamic nature of the industry and tailors its products to create innovative solutions. The range of FIN-Ex’s product suite allows us to design ground-breaking telecom platforms for enterprise clients. Our project and product experts have years of experience implementing customized services for clients of all sizes and are segmented by industry (Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Professional Services, and Retail) focusing on delivering tailored business telcom solutions. FIN-Ex’s dedicated project management team helps the clients assess their telecom needs and recommends solutions that streamline business operations while optimizing costs.

FIN-Ex’s Integrated T1 offering allows an enterprise to run several services, such as local and long distance service, Internet, and Voice over IP on a single circuit simultaneously. Whereas many businesses are ready to move from traditional POTS Business Lines to more advanced solutions, like VoIP, others are not ready to abandon the existing infrastructure. FIN-Ex’s comprehensive portfolio of traditional, advanced, and hybrid voice and data services can accommodate your business’s current and future requirements.
  • •DSL Services
  • •T1 Service
  • •T3 Service
  • •OcN and Wave Services
  • •Web Hosting
  • •Email
Internet Access Services
Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, need the ability to transmit vast amounts of data instantaneously and seamlessly, high-speed connectivity is critical. FIN-Ex’s Internet Access Services provide reliable, secure and always-available data transmissions. Choose from a full solution set tailored to meet your business and financial requirements: DSL, T1, T3, and OcN. In addition, benefit from services such as Web hosting and Email that can also drive valuable cost-savings and enhanced functionality.
  • •MPLS Services
  • •Private Line Service
  • •ISDN BRI & PRI Service
  • •Digital PBX Service
  • •Frame Relay Services
  • •Integrated T1
  • •Ethernet Service
Advanced Voice & Data Services
FIN-Ex offers a complete range of Advanced Voice & Data Services all designed to provide the flexibility needed to expand and advance business operations nationwide. FIN-Ex’s competitive pricing structure allows companies to implement traditional, advanced and hybrid telecom solutions that address current telecom needs and anticipate future challenges. Our suite of business data and network solutions provides scalable platforms for businesses with complex telecom needs. FIN-Ex’s experienced experts design efficient and cost-effective solutions to help our clients uncover opportunities and optimize telecom infrastructures. Our complete catalog of hosted data and voice services allow us to design customized telecom solutions to deliver the most advanced features and capabilities without placing the support burden or increased costs on the customer.
  • •VoIP Benefits
  • •Hosted PBX
  • •Business Trunking
VoIP Services
May result in businesses engaging their communications providers for a single service environment that address all converged voice and data applications. Helps companies manage bandwidth fluctuations and data transmission requirements by reducing new capital expenditures and overall operating expenses. This converged offering can virtually eliminate the need for incremental voice-related hardware, instead allowing for virtual capacity management rather than management of physical lines.
  • •Business Lines
  • •PBX Trunks
  • •Digital Centrex Services
  • •Calling Plans
  • •Toll Free Service
  • •Conferencing
  • •Call Management Features
  • •Voice Messaging
Voice Services
FIN-Ex employs cutting-edge developments in telecom technology and trusted, traditional telecom products to deliver a complete array of voice services to our clients. The scope of our product base allows FIN-Ex’s customer to stay with the same service provider as their telecom technology needs evolve. Our dedicated client care teams provide unparalleled levels of support, ensuring smooth migration and implementation of all voice services. Utilizing leading-edge digital technologies and an unparalleled network backbone for exceptional service delivery, our voice services provide superior clarity around the clock, across the nation and around the world. FIN-Ex’s Voice Services and Options are designed with your current and future business plans–and budget in mind. Choose the services and special options that fit your specific business needs and budget requirements: Business Lines, PBX Trunks, Digital Centrex Services, Calling Plans, Toll Free Service, Conferencing, Call Management Features, and Voice Messaging.
  • •Voice
  • •Data
  • •Broadband
  • •Messaging
  • •MyWiFi Hotspot
Wireless Services
Provides an expansive range of voice and data service plans designed to fit any usage pattern–offers enterprise-class security features, low administrative costs and device-agnostic ongoing support. FIN-Ex also provides consolidated billing of all your wireless services with your other business voice, digital voice and data services and enhanced visibility into tracking of wireless usage and spending.