Service Overview

FIN-Ex is a highly skilled, leading-edge, and all-inclusive telecom service. Our dedicated management team will develop customized, cost-effective solutions for your company.
FIN-Ex offers a complete suite of telecom products and services throughout the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and District of Columbia. In addition to comprehensive voice and data solutions, we provide specialized IT, Network, and Management Services to both small businesses and large corporations. FIN-Ex’s knowledge of technical, operational, and regulatory requirements allows us to deliver robust telecom solutions for customers of all sizes across many sectors. We deliver unparalleled value.
The telecom inventory optimization facilitated by the detailed usage reports and improved data integrity help FIN-Ex’s clients achieve further cost savings. Our account management and project management teams specialize in tailoring cutting-edge solutions, executing cost-cutting initiatives and streamlining telecom operations.
Invoice Consolidation
FIN-Ex’s proprietary software combines the functionality of many systems, providing users with a single, user-friendly portal that addresses all telemanagement processes: Invoicing, Reporting, Help Desk, Expense Management. FIN-Ex provides a superior invoice management system, allowing customers to dramatically decrease bill processing time and costs.
Unconsolidated usage data makes it difficult for companies to assess telecom services’ effectiveness. FIN-Ex’s online billing portal provides users with comprehensive information on each line, making it easy to monitor usage trends and identify problem areas. Project managers partner with our clients in evaluating their existing platforms and identifying cost savings.
Pricing Options
Different pricing options allow the client to select the most appropriate contract terms–All pricing frameworks ensure significant savings over RBOC rates. FIN-Ex offers competitive rates for all telecommunications services and guarantees adherence to contracted rates. Our dedicated account managers conduct thorough billing reviews with the clients to ensure consistency and accuracy.
Over several months following the initial service migration, our staff focuses on analyzing usage data for each line with the customer. This information, in conjunction with the previously recorded line designations, allows the client to make strategic business decisions by reducing underused assets, upgrading local and/or long distance usage plans, or moving to a different solution.