FIN-Ex offers dedicated pre and post sales support; a single-point-of-contact to ensure the prompt resolution of service matters for all states; one consolidated invoice for all locations, and extends state-of-the-art web based tools to view and analyze expenses.
Pre and Post Sales Support
FIN-Ex customers benefit from a hands-on, dedicated management team that listens to and acts on the needs of our clients, employees, vendors and channel partners. Our skilled and motivated associates provide the highest level of client care in the industry and offer valuable recommendations to improve services and lower costs.
Existing integration with ILECs allows our customers to streamline all support, provisioning, repair management and bill reconciliations and analysis processes. As a single-point-of-contact for all services and requests, our dedicated client representatives are closely familiar with the customers’ processes and procedures. The personalized care approach allows our clients to simplify the task of managing multiple telecom services.
Migration and Service Requests
FIN-Ex has a national presence, competitive pricing and leading edge products and first and foremost is a premier client care organization. FIN-Ex is dedicated to providing clients with customer service available 24/7/365 as well as a customized, standardized process for ordering new services, repairs, and MACDs.
FIN-Ex’s commitment to our customers is to provide a seamless process and timely delivery for network change and new technology integration–on-site integration support and guaranteed adherence to rollout schedule. Our complete catalog of hosted data and voice services allow us to design customized telecom solutions to deliver most advanced features and capabilities without placing the support burden or increased costs on the customer.

Premier Service

Our telecom consulting arm offers total multi-vendor integration, configuration, installation and acceptance testing services from all network hardware, firmware and software products.
FIN-Ex also provides on-site and remote operations support, including help desk and seat management for many solutions. FIN-Ex’s engineers specialize in transitioning disparate enterprise networks to private networks. Our ability to synergize traditional and new technologies allows our customers to capitalize on their legacy resources and reduce overall technology investment. FIN-Ex’s dedicated support team architects flexible network solutions for growing enterprises and brings unparalleled expertise in managing hardware, protocols and systems living in the LAN (Local Area Network) and the WAN (Wide Area Network).

Available 24/7/365

FIN-Ex offers a best-in-class client care platform, providing unsurpassed levels of telecom support.
Online issue reporting and tracking
FIN-Ex offers a comprehensive online portal, equipping our clients with the ability to submit and monitor tickets online in a real time environment. FIN-Ex’s EDI bonding with the underlying carriers allows us to capture the latest status of an issue or a request being processed. The portal also includes the status of ongoing migrations and new service installations with status updates provided to client until issues are resolved.
Handles Technician Dispatch Responsibility
FIN-Ex clients receive outstanding and responsive service. Our extensive network monitoring and proactive notification systems allow for continuous network health monitoring and performance tracking. FIN-Ex brings security by using the most trusted carriers in the country with the convenience of using one provider with a single point-of-contact. Our centralized customer care structure ensures standardized processes regardless of product class or geography.